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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Man of the Moment: Luke Guldan

Luke is now a pretty ubiquitous model, rightfully so.
Here are pics you can probably find on every other blog!

Of course, I always aim to distinguish my blog from other sites by putting up bigger or newer images. Here is a scan from Cosmopolitan, issue December 2008.

So, do you prefer boxers?


Or the offspring of both?

More boxer-briefs, in a fashion show!

A survey of a man just ain't complete without taking a look at his back!

*the last has always been a favorite of mine*


DrGaellon said...

OMG. Could he BE any more gorgeous?

Anonymous said...

Sebastian - there are a couple of pics here including the last one that make him look like a redhead. Is he or is that just poor lighting.

The eyes and smile are so engaging the rest of his perfection is almost secondary.

Alan down in Florida

Dude Flesh said...

GREAT post. Luke is one of our Favorite Dudes. Loving that first pic of him in the v-neck sweater.

Anonymous said...


queer heaven said...

Luke is completely HOT, love the ones in those boxerbriefs.

F6's Editor said...

Thank .... YOU!!!

Kevin said...

My vote is to make Luke the Man of EVERY Moment...Man of the YEAR...and Man of my LIFE!!