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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Body of a Man: Front and Back

As you should well know by now, I love me some bare backs! But I also realize the dorsal half of the body is more of an afterthought for most people. In the past I've focused on a particular body part, such as his abs, arms, or legs. But why can't we enjoy the features of a man as a whole?

So here is the 360 on some of Definition of a Man's old faves and new crushes!

We of course must start with Ryan, our Man of the Week!

My favorite Terra-Boy: Rodrigo Calazans!

Another Terra Boy favorite of mine: Ricardo Baldin.


Paul Vandervort!

Well, for sake of symmetry, Ryan is here again to conclude this post!


chaz said...

Those pics of Marco Dapper are mouth watering. WOW!

Duba said...

Rodrigo's photos can be used as wallpaper, big & hi-rez! thank you!
I'm a fan of the "front back" photos :)