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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Men in Pajamas

This post is dedicated to Eric of JBM!

While I agree with Eric that pajamas might not be the sexiest attire in the world for a man to wear, but I'd also argue that the men who can pull 'em off are usually some of the hottest hunks in modeling! My definition of a man is a gorgeous guy who can make the least flattering attire look sexy!

Chad Pinther (and his great hair) knows how to work his PJs!

Andrew Cooper and Charles Devoe can brighten any apartment!

Josh Wald and Scot Sanborn can warm up a room!

Terron Wood knows how to look great in thermalwear!

He also knows how to look perfect in plaid!

Tobias Jenkins!

Bradly Tomberlin!

Jeremy Black and his white smile!

Ellis McCreadie!

The Incredible Lee Pappas!

Last but never ever least, Brett Hollands!

Thanks tuespr and krytoh for your contributions!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sexy photos! The pics of Kyle Carlson are actually of Lane.

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

hmm, interesting. my source (tuespr) labelled these pics in a folder named 'kyle carlson'

i do have to agree with you, anonymous, that the guy featured has the longer, narrower face of Lane Carlson, but would you mind citing a definitive source for the name?

Eric said...

Yes, this is very much Tuespr's taste as I remember it :-)

I think there's some other shots also of Bradly Tomberlin modeling the PJ's...

Him, Lane/Kyle (I can only tell them apart when they're together) and Lee Pappas bend my anti-PJ stance to the breaking point :-(

Being a fan of sexy legs though, I must have boxers! ^_^

Lee is so gorgeous, wish he could just take the top off and keep the underwear in that last pic :-)

Eric said...

The last Lee one will make a great addition to my ever growing IPhone wallpaper collection :-)

Anonymous said...

Jesus!! I loved this post!! Thanks!

Have you looked at these guys' feet?! Amazing! Obviously when you are gorgeous, you are gorgeous from toe to head!!

Loved it!!


PS: can I have Chad Pinther or Tobias Jenkins for Christmas?

Anonymous said...

Kenneth, I don't have a definitive source other than being able to distinguish Kyle and Lane. Kyle also looks more youthful than Lane.

dominique said...

Thank you very much for the great pics! Alexandre Verga is my fave...do you happen to have more of him? I was wondering for which retailer he was modeling? Thanks

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

domique, you'll see more of alexandre verga on the 14th. and sorry, i don't know the retailer

tuespr said...

Sorry, my mistake. It's definitely Lane not Kyle. I was pressed for time when I named and sent you the files and was working on automatic pilot. Sorry!