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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Men in Bathrobes

You can make the same arguments against bathrobes as you can against pajamas. They cover too much skin! Flaunting and taunting us by exposing his chest and yummy lower legs, but these garments cover every other essential part of a man. They are among the most frustrating piece of apparel to have ever been invented, and yet, I just melt when I see a gorgeous guy wear one.

My heart stopped the first time I saw this first picture of Chad!

Can a man be any more perfect?
I don't think my heart has fully recovered yet!

Brett Hollands and his sexy feet!

Charles Devoe!

Bradly Tomberlin!

Terron Wood!

Alexandre Verga!

Brad Kroenig!

Brian Newman!

Lee Pappas!

Lee's friends are Lawrence Sikorski and Matthew Garel.

And his friend Josh Wald!

Call me crazy, but I think Blake Kuchta will be the most clicked pic of the day!


Anonymous said...

...well my heart still stops every time I see Chad Pinther or Tobias Jenkins!
This post is GREAT! Just GREAT!!
Loved it!! Like the previous one on Men's pyjamas!!
Keep on! I love these guy's feet!

tuespr said...

Lee's friends are Lawrence Sikorski and Matthew Garel.

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

thanks for the tips tuespr

Dominique said...

Thanks again for Alexandre Verga! Great quality! Feel free to post more of him if you have:-)
By the way, where did you get them from? Thx