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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Man of the Moment: Celso

What do I know of this guy?

Not much, other than his first name. And that he's taken many photos with J.P. Sousa.
He doesn't immediately strike me as beautiful because there are some harsh features to his face, yet the guy simply and utterly fascinates me. And I guess it's mostly because of his eyes!

I've never seen a pair of eyes with such contrast and depth. Such intensity and beastly beauty. What do they remind me of? Snake eyes? A werewolf? Or more befitting to a certain movie this week, a vampire?

Whatever the case, I'm totally mesmerized!


Civilized Men said...

his eyes, cheekbones, and light chest hair are what attract me ... he's beautiful!

Dude Flesh said...

Great find! Beautiful man.

Duba said...

what a breathtakingly gorgeous man!!!

boibuff said...

The man is totally MESMERIZING & BREATHTAKING!!!!! Harsh features? i will respectfully have to disagree with that comment.
I just discovered this blog.Great work!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing harsh about him, simply beautiful!