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Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Infectious Smile of David Entinghe

An infectious smile can do many things to you:
1) Make you giggle 2) Tilt your head to the side and sigh
3) Clasp your hand to your chest to stop your heart from melting
4) Fall in love with him 5) Fall in love with the world

I'd argue these pictures will work better as therapeutic treatment than advertisement!

For more great quality catalog pics, check out David's new home at Krytoh's Paper Men.


crew said...

love that guy too ;)

Anonymous said...

Love David. Always the hottest and the most handsome.

Marie said...


Nicky said...

His hair is a bit different in this post. I think his hair style in your previous posts is better.
When I check your previous posts on this guy, I realize that I was fool when I asked you about the tattoo on his chest. Your Photoshop skill is very good !

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

it's not my photoshop. my blogmate Mike from http://rc-hairbrush.blogspot.com did it as a gift to me