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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Chad's Look-a-likes

The webmaster of this site says that Chad Pinther has a generic model look that is sometimes hard to distinguish from another.

And ya know what?

I do agree...somewhat!

Let's compare him to other models, shall we?

Doesn't Chad Nittler look like a blond version of Pinther?

Doesn't Cory Grant looks like Chad's younger brother!

Francis Cadieux could easily be a french-canadian version of Chad!

If Chad bulked up even more, it'll be quite difficult to distinguish him from Adam R.

How about Brandon Waarbroek?

It's jut uncanny how Jacob Warner looks so much like Chad in the first picture!

I especially think Chad has a look that is absolutely perfect for Daytime Drama!
Just compare him to three of the current stars!

Dylan Bruce, as I've said before, is among the hottest soap hunks ever!

Though Shawn Christian has curly hair, there's still some strong resemblance in the face department.

Finally, Cameron Mathison has got to be Chad's long lost older brother!

At the end of the day, however...

There's still some unspeakable subtle quality that really makes Chad shine from the rest!

So, do you like my look-a-like choices? Who most resembles Chad? Do you know anyone I haven't listed who could be Chad's long lost twin? Comments Comments Comments!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh no, Chad in a pink polo.
That's horrible.

honestly, november is almost over, we only have 8 days left to be spoilt with his photos and you post him in a pink polo?!
Come on now!

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

i think it's sexy! especially the slightly longer hair!

Anonymous said...

Kenneth, I think you need to get your eye glasses checked out -- none of those guys look like Prince Chad !

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

lol. some are a stretch i guess, but i think chad nittler and chad pinther are insanely similar.

if i lied and told you they were brothers or cousins (and you didn't know the truth), i bet you would've taken my word for it

Joey said...

wow those are some handsome guys! Jacob Warner is my fave

Civilized Men said...

cameron's nice guy looks, sweet boyish face yet HOT and perfectly muscled bod are amazing!

Eric said...

(*scans up and down*)... Ah Dylan Bruce... interesting ;-)

Very interesting indeed...

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

eric, if you can find big HQ pix of Dylan, you'll be a bigger god to me than you already are