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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Chad is the Definition of a Man

What a fantastic month it has been!

For the most part, I was very pleased with your reception of Chad.

For those who were already a fan of Chad, I hoped you enjoyed this month as much as I did.

For those beginning to understand the beauty of this man,
here's more shirtless pictures to win you over!

And for those who aren't ready to let him go, just rest assured knowing that DoaM will keep you updated in the latest going-ons in Chad's modeling career!


Anonymous said...

Chad was a great man of the month. Superb choice. How did you find this hidden hottie? Can't wait for December.

Anonymous said...

to be honest, he was somewhat boring! most post were only a few pics of him, and they werent anything to write home about!

hope if December has a man, its more entertaining than Chad!

p.s since your brutally honest on my blog, ill start being brutally honest on yours <3

Anonymous said...

Hey Kenneth, you can be my P/R agent anytime, bub -- why don't we do a "Man of the Year 2008" award ??

Hmm.....wonder who would win ???

Keep up the great job...

Nite in Shining Armour said...

I think that Chad has got it in the bag.

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

lol. second anonymous, what is your blog?

Eric said...

How exactly is Chad boring? Lol @ anonymous, what are you talking about... this guy's gorgeous.

I dare anyone not to turn their head if they see someone like this walking shirtless down the street ^_^

Anonymous said...

David Entinghe has to be the man of the year!

Chad is not so far behind. If he is slightly younger, he would be perfect.

Anonymous said...


Chad for man of the month was an excellent choice and very worthy of the title. While people can have their opinion (see above) I for one find Chad to be so sexy and one of the hottest around.

Now with that said, I vote for Tyler Lough for Man of the year. Tyler for the Win and David and Chad for runners up. That is my opinion of course :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Kenneth -- don't forget that Man of the Year was my idea, Bub !!

Anonymous said...

Month was great! And Chad was an amazing choice! Congratulations Kenneth!
p.s: if Chad is boring, let me have only boring days from now on...