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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Zac Taylor in Black and White

Photoblogs like this are inherently superficial and made to objectify hot men. But the aim of Definition of a Man is to humanize the featured male models. I try my best to learn about his family background, his likes and dislikes, to get an overall sense of what he's like from within. So yes, it's been bugging me that I know jack squat about this gorgeous man!

So if anyone knows more about Zac, please tell me!

Or Zac, if you're reading this...I'd love for you to contact me and tell me a bit about yourself. Thanks!


queer heaven said...

This guy Zac is by far one of the hottest you have posted in a long while. Unfortunately, I have no idea who he is either.

Just wanted to also let you know how much I enjoy your choice of guys... what a good blog.

Anonymous said...

Can't help you with his details either, but he def.does the "bad boy" with a hint of menace look quite well. The photographer and art director capture that in those atmospheric pics.

My Invincible life said...

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Anonymous said...

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