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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Man of the Weekend: Zac Taylor

I'm pleased to present our man for this weekend. Here's lots of great pictures; I'm sure you'll enjoy ogling, but you must forgive me for my research on Zac Taylor's bio has come up fruitless. I regretfully resort to the 'superficial' way and just tell you want I think of his looks.

1) He has amazing hair!

2) His eyes can *bore* through anyone's heart!

3) His tattoos are damn sexy!

4) His lips are begging to be kissed!

And perhaps, he needs to get a tan. LOL.

Finally, photographers love to work with him!

As you can tell from these photos by Joe Lally.

More tomorrow!


Alfred said...

wow - doesn't he look a bit like James Marsden? But gorgeous too!!

Ande."ahnday".Pascua said...

i love the tattoos

André said...

First time visitor.
And I LOVE it.
Great blog, great photos, Great everything.


Sam said...

Hi. Just found your Blog whilst Googling. Zac Taylor is new to me. Fine boy!!! In photo #1 he kinda looks like Jared Leto. And no, he doesn't need a tan. The hottest men are the ones with dark hair and pale white skin.
Keep up the good work!!