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Friday, October 31, 2008

Have a Bloody Great Halloween!

These photographs taken by Justin Monroe may be a year old!

But they're well-done, so I had to post them!

And yes, I have a little fetish for these sorts of things!


lickerholic said...

scary yet erotic... my halloween fantasy :-P

Anonymous said...

Are these from a movie? If so, what movie is it? I would like to find this movie since I love suspense/slasher horror and if it has a gay theme, all the better.

Rob in Michigan

GayRepublican said...

Very hot. I have a little fetish for those things as well.

Faust said...

How hot is it that the killer is Lee Kholafai? He's one of my favorites. His expression in the last pic while he's eating dinner is priceless.

And Matt Aymar is the prisoner to the left in the first pic.