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Friday, July 25, 2008

Straight from the Heart

The original plan was making one mega-post with a "straight" theme. But I've got TOO many wonderfully sexy pictures in my collection, so I figured that spreading 'em out in three days is a great way to let you savor each exquisite photography, as well as giving you a chance to truly appreciate the sensual dynamics between man and woman!

I have a tremendous crush on Allen C.

What wouldn't I give to be in his arms?

I've posted lots of pics of Michael Churchill before,
but I've never seen him as studlicious as he is now!

Johnny Messner is one hunk of an actor!

One of the highlights of the season finale of Ugly Betty! Eddie Cibrian!

Kyle Carlson with his hands full!

I'm an on-again, off-again fan of Jesse Metcalfe.

Always looking his best next to a girl! For the moment, I'm on again!

Yes, that's right! David Entinghe is as gorgeous as ever!

Last but definitely not least...Tyler Lough!

I can't believe my eyes!
I'm so very happy Tyler is so comfortable posing nude nowadays!

I'll let you guys cool off, but come back tomorrow for another steamy session!


DannyH said...

good post.
tyler's ones are especially steamy!
lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

Humm.. I would pay good money to be in the same spot that girl is in Tyler's shoots. I absoluetly love the work he is doing now and posing nude is what Tyler was born to do.

He just keeps getting more gorgeous with each shot..... I need a moment here.....


Shirtless Hunks said...

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jazzer said...

Yuk. Pussy. What the fuck has a piece of snatch draping itself over a guy got to do with the "definition of a man"???

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

ha, i knew there would eventually be an anti-pussy comment

jazzer said...

if you knew, then why fuckin post the pix? or do you pine for str8 men? nothing like self-contempt.

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

i posted because i thought many of these pictures are sexy and the guys are hot, so they deserve to go on my blog. i did after all, made an effort to post a warning at the top of the page.

i don't necessarily like straight men, i just like men who do not display too much of those stereotypical feminine idiosyncrasies

of course, you have your opinions on what kind of guys you like or don't like, and what kind of pictures you like to see or not. but your 'self-contempt' is a personal attack on me, and i don't appreciate it very much

Anonymous said...

Tyler is such a he man and is so awesomely gorgeous that he could make a straight guy come. In fact Tyler with two guys in a threesome sounds pretty hot to me. How about some full monty?