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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dream Stud

Known about Danny Smith for quite a while now, but I was very reluctant to spotlight him in a post.

The guy's gorgeous! So why the delay, you ask?

Well, for one, I didn't have enough pictures at the time. Secondly, I read somewhere that he appeared on a show as someone's date and he was a real jerk...which definitely put me off!

But then again, I posted Brody Jenner. And this guy is hotter!

I am the worst when it comes to writing a model's bio. From the video, you'll learn that he's in college rugby and was discovered by a scouting agent on the streets. With their snide remarks, you can tell their friends really are jealous!


Anonymous said...

He is seriously HAWT...and seems like a nice guy...but he may have been on his best behavior ;) He's got some hot friends too. Maybe I should get into Rugby.

Anonymous said...

The Dream Boys calendar is hot. But photographer Art Minds is a MAJOR pervert! I have a couple of friends who have modeled for Art, and expressed before meeting him had phone conversations that ostensibly involved Art masturbating on the otherside of the line. And when they eventually worked with him, he was very touchy-feely without respecting the model's personal taste. It's people like Art Minds who give the photography profession a bad, sour name. He believes the perks of photographing great-looking models also involves the liberty to touch and feel them. Gross!!!