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Friday, July 18, 2008

Black to Basics

In January, I started the colorful series by featuring the color white. Now several months later, I'm finally featuring its opposite. Black, the color that reflects no light, has unfortunately been symbolized negatively in many culture.

Nonetheless, I believe a man looks second most sexiest when wearing black (blue, traditionally, is the sexiest!)

Kicking it off with the man I still can't get enough of...

Another fave of mine: Caleb Lane!

The best Chace Crawford has ever looked!

Here's a promise, you'll see more of James Lafferty sometime soon!

Sexy, funny, and talented! Michael Weatherly is my kind of guy!

Always nicely dressed, ready to kick some alien ass, Ben Browder!

Billy Marquart is another beauty!

The next three are my three favorite soap hunks I'm voting for at www.soaphunks.net.

Brandon Beemer!

Greg Vaughan.

James Scott! Could he have a repeat win?

To be honest, I can't keep the next two guys straight! They look quite similar, especially in black!
Thomas Beaudoin above. Francis Cadieux below.
Interesting to note, both are Canadian.

David Miller

Channing Tatum is just yum!

Justin Timberlake

Everybody's favorite: Ben Godfre.

As promised, more of Nicholas Baggetta!

Another hunky Nick...Beyeler!

Scott Herman! More of him very, very soon!

Said it before; I'll say it again. Jeremy Simpson is the most adorable guy on the face of Earth!

Christian Guidi!

Jason Behr! Out of this world hottie!

Chad Pinther! I want a pint of him everyday!

Please Lord, Grant me a date with Cory!

Adam R is my knight in shining black armor!

Isn't Luke just fantastic?

And no, black is not my personal favorite color! I'm saving it for the next, and possibly last, post on colors! Can you guess the color I've yet to feature? And no, it isn't brown!


Jason said...

AAAAAHHH!. He returned!. David, beautiful, wonderful!.

Dude Flesh said...

Thanks for the link and the recent kudos on Steven Didas.

Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

What a wide collection of male beauty. Great way to kick off the weekend.

Alan down in Florida

Eric said...

Black is my second favorite color...

Although it usually goes in the order of Blue, Black, and White. Three colors I love equally :-)

(and incidentally 3 colors that go well on most guys)