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Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Study Partner: Caleb Lane

How much learning will take place with him around? Absolutely zilch!
How much fun will it be? *devilish grin*

Jeremy, sweetheart, please don't get jealous.
You know I'm all yours.
Besides, Caleb is straight.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Sebastien--
Caleb has kind of a "James Dean" thing going.... (or, are you too young to have heard of him???)
Remember the Red jacket?? James Dean was the ORIGINAL 'rebel without a cause'!!!!

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

James is definitely before my time, but of course I've heard of him.

I've always thought Caleb has the best hair out of any model I've ever seen, and I think Mr. Dean had the best hair of any actor I've ever seen. So...

Anonymous said...

Yup... love the hair.