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Monday, June 30, 2008

The Men In My Life

Well, it's been one helluva month! With a lot of popular posts, and some scandalous ones! I'd like to spend a little time recapping all the guys I've featured this month!

My Childhood Years

My Best Friend: Travis Wolfe.

The Boy Next Door: Parker Gregory.

My Sister's Boyfriend: Geoff Burns.

My Big Brother: Jesse Dillard.

High School and College

My Boyfriends
High school: Tyler Wood. College: Jeremy Santucci.

My College Rommates.
Michael Churchill. Bryce Draper. Bruno Rosendo.

Study Partner: Caleb Lane. Personal Trainer: Bryan Thomas.

The Prime of My Life

Business Partner/Office Romance: James Scott.

A threesome with them?

Sex Gods
Pavel Novotny. Lukas.

A Love That Wasn't Meant to Be: Lee Williams.

Thanks Eric!

Fun and Games

Win a date with Josh Duhamel. Island mate John Kenney.

Best Wearing Cologne: Garrett Neff. Best Wearing Anything: Andrew Cooper.

My Favorite Man of the Week Ever: Ambrose Olsen.

I wanna be the agent of Robert Buckley!

Some Controversies

Kevin Gould. Photographer Tony Duran.

Thanks Kevin!

Hotshots of James Ellis.

Greatest Fantasies

Man of My Sweet Dreams: Cameron.

Man of My Wild Dreams: Brandon Stoughton.

My Superhero: Nick Auger.

My Guardian Angel: David Entinghe.
(You'll have to wait for tomorrow to see more pics of him)

Last but not least:
My Hubby: The Love of My Life: Brett Hollands.


Anonymous said...

May there be peace on Earth and good will among men, I wish all the best for mr Gould, may his career be long and prosperous.

And may your dreams come true.

tuespr said...

What a month that was! Thank you!

(BTW, don't forget to check your Yahoo email.)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Colloection of Very fine men.. It made my head swim.. For me, the only change would be, Tyler Lough as my present Boyfriend. So in love with him.

Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful month. I really enjoyed getting to know these men.

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

Thanks for your comments everyone!

And tuespr, I received them. Thanks so much!

Eric said...

A beautiful month indeed!... interesting you added Robert Buckley, me thinks I have something coming up on him ^_^

Anonymous said...

I think I want Tyler Lough to marry me!