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Monday, June 2, 2008

Man of My Sweet Dreams: Cameron Mathison

Cameron Mathison is every bit the Definition of a Man that Brett Hollands is. He's handsome, talented, looks gorgeous both in and out of clothes, and make the perfect husband material.

Unlike Brett, Cameron is an actual father, and some lucky woman's husband.

Cameron is the most romantic guy in the world, at least that's true in my dreams. Sweet poetry pours from his lip like fine wine. A moonlit stroll on the beach. An open sleigh ride in winter wonderland. Just to name a few perfect dates I've had with him in my sleep!

Not only is he the man of my fantasy, he's the guy I picture while reading in romance novels.

Is it really cheating on my husband if it's just a dream?

1 comment:

tuespr said...

Brett and Cameron are Toronto natives... Maybe you have an affinity with that gene pool! ;)