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Friday, June 6, 2008

The Boy Next Door: Parker Gregory

He came into my life when I was 13. His family moved to our neighborhood, and lived there for two years. At his parent's housewarming party, I was immediately smitten by this boy who was four years my senior.

Through my bedroom window, I watched him everyday. He's always doing something outside. Cuddling his girlfriend on the porch swing. Mowing the lawn. Helping his mother out in the garden. Stretching before and after his evening jogs. Sometimes shirtless, often smiling, always gorgeous.

A year passed and I was still watching, never got the courage to go outside and talk to him.

That fateful evening, he was shooting hoops with his friends. They were all nice-looking guys, but he stood head and shoulders above them. I admired the way his arm and leg muscles contracted as he went through the motions of making a basket. Sun glistened off his beautiful sweaty face. He stopped to wipe his brow with the bottom of his shirt. What an aura he had about him!

Then one of his friends pointed straight at my window. He looked in the direction. They couldn't possibly see me through the blinds, I thought. But now he was waving his hand about in the air, in some kind of gesture, I wasn't quite sure if it was threatening or friendly. Then he started crossing the street.

OH SHIT! I knew my voyeurism would get me one day!

Ding Dong! Yep, my life is over! Let me dig myself a hole!

Ding Dong! My mother got the door!

And I was forced to face the music. As I slowly made my way out of my room, down the hallway, through the living room, and finally stopped at the foyer, I don't think I took a single breath.

When he saw me, he was smiling, "Hey, buddy. Saw you looking out the window. If you want to hang out with me and my friends, just come over. We could use a sixth person to split into even teams."

"I'm not very good at basketball..."

"Well, you can't get good unless you play. Come on..."

With that, I was outside, walking up to his driveway, his hands around my shoulder, a ball in my hand. It was my first time hanging with the boy next door.

(For more pictures of Parker, and a less cheesy continuation of this story, click over to Male Fiction.)


DannyH said...

LOVED your little story...
i think it'll touch a chord with everyone who's ever had a childhood crush on a cute guy..

parker is amazingly beautiful!

thanks for the pics!

Anonymous said...

In order to write a story with this much innocence, romance, and joy--- this author MUST be a very loving, caring man.... a man who still knows what youth, innocence, and love feel like...
I wish I could thank him with a great big hug.

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

lol...well, Lee, I'm only 21...so I still consider myself a youth. and I haven't been scorned in the few relationships that I've been in, so yes, I still have an ideal picture of love

Mike Ellis, The Jolly Reprobate said...

Great choice for your boy-next-door. I fell in love with that face and its angelic crown of curls long before I knew his name.

Eric said...

Superb... Especially the first pic.

Dare I say just beautiful? No, this is what I consider the definition of a gorgeous man :-)

Anonymous said...

To: kenneth johnson (aka sebastien penn)----
You're only 21??!!! Wow! Such a talent (this beautiful site), and so much feeling and understanding (your story) coming from a 21 yr old man!!
KEEP that "ideal love" in your heart ALL your life, dear man.