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Saturday, May 31, 2008

One Poll Closes, Another One Opens

Good Lord! Tom Cullis knows how to pick em, doesn't he?

These two drop-dead gorgeous guys with dark-hair, seductive eyes, and a love for watery locales might as well be twins. They're so hot, if there weren't so much water in these pictures, I'm sure the screen would burst into flames.

First up is Benjamin Godfre who has been featured in my blog many times before.

With more hot trail to his treasured privates, a slightly rounder face, and eyes that remind me of a lustful vampire, it's no wonder he's so popularly featured in almost every blog I've seen.

While searching for more pictures of Benjamin, I discovered Clay Adler.

Clay was from the reality show The Real OC. With a squarer jaw, a sexy smile, and eyes that remind me of a werewolf on the hunt, I kinda wished I saw the program.

I certainly have my opinions, just want to see if mine are similar to yours...


Zack said...

I absolutely love Ben.
I've recently posted on him as well, I can't get enough of his adorable face!

Great post!



Eric said...

I remember Clay from that Laguna Beach show on MTV. The guy is definitely a hottie, and I'd say he has a sexier face than Benjamin (just barely)...

...But the fact that Benjamin has a body that blows most models out of the water easily puts him on top for me ;-)

He's the total package.

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