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Thursday, May 29, 2008

He leaves me speechless...

Rarely do I post nudity on this blog,

But a photograph this beautiful and artistically tasteful certainly deserves exception.


Anonymous said...

You should put on more pix like this, because this guy is simply beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Dude Flesh is extremely excited to hear that one of our favorite dudes, Tyler Lough, has recently completed a photo shot with photographer JD Ferguson which includes some full frontal nude shots . . . unfortunately, the fate of these photos (minus the teaser shots above) is still up in the air.

As far as Tyler goes, I am not withholding information as to the fate of his images. Unsatisfied with the terms of the original proposal, we are now deciding on which magazine is most appropriate and at this point the destination is unknown. Where Tyler's nudes will run, if at all, is a sensitive issue and careful consideration must be given to their placement as he is a professional model and, well, we all know how male nudity is received in the States and we must be careful in how we choose to display them. I promise as soon as something is known, you will be the first to know! And yes we shot full-frontal.

Thought you'd like to know.

Alan down in Florida