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Thursday, May 22, 2008

h-h-hummina hummina

OMMFG! A few days ago, I received an email from my second favorite AAG model: Bryan Thomas. After reading it, I proceeded to fall ignominiously off my chair. When I picked myself up, I reread it again to see if I wasn't hallucinating or this was some kind of prank. It looked legit enough, as legit as any email can be. The message was simple enough. He informed me on his very own blog which I immediately added to my list of favorites, as well as his yahoo group, which I eagerly joined.

As a photoblogger, I think about the hard work that goes into each photo, and I'm often concerned if I offend anyone by what I post. It's so cool to know that models like Bryan are very open-minded about gay-oriented blogs, and it's even cooler that no one so far has threatened to sue my ass.

In case he reads this, what else should I add? Oh, yeah, I love guys with two first names...if nothing else, he beats Tyler Lough in that category. And he'll be featured again on Sunday, June 15th. (yes, I have it planned out way in advance)


Anonymous said...

I am so green for envy here, that I look like spinach. (LOL)
You lucky devil.

Justin said...

You don't think Lough's a good first name? :-P Congrats on the good news.

Michelle said...

That's awesome news...congrats!

Eric said...

I came across his blog a couple of weeks ago... the guy is un-freaking-believably gorgeous.

Crazy Sam said...

Wow! That's awesome news indeed! Congrats!! Bryan Thomas is hellishly hot and it's great to know that guys like him are open-minded about gay-oriented blogs.