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Friday, May 23, 2008

Battle of the Twins

I love twins! They're rare and exotic, and I just can't get enough of the nearly identical hotness.

I hate to objectify guys! Sometimes I feel bad when I take these men as sex symbols and nothing more, comparing them only for how they look outside and not who they are inside.

...But what the heck, let's do that, shall we?

Here are the reigning champions for dual hotness.
For the longest time, they were indistinguishable to me. Only now am I beginning to take notice of their uniqueness and individual qualities.

Kyle has a slightly rounder face, and a bit beefier body than his brother. The picture on the right is my personal favorite of any of their works. Don't you agree?

Lane has the narrower face. Nowadays, he sports longer hair than his brother. Kyle likes to stand, and I guess, Lane likes to sit! Wow, check out those thighs! Yum!

The Clippingers may possibly steal the title as the new double-threat.

James is stunning with longer hair. I'm not sure who was born first, but he looks more mature to me. Perhaps it's his more prominent chin that makes him look a few minutes older.

Allen definitely looks good with short hair. Both of these pictures are so great and beautiful in their own right, I can't choose a favorite.

For the final poll, please take a moment to view the galleries of these twins.


David Toronto said...

Oh, for Pete's sake! Send both the Carlson boys around for a further close-up examination and appraisal.

I tend to lean to Kyle but the other has assets, too.

Choices, choices!

Michelle said...

Honestly...I would not kick either set outta my bed.

Eric said...

Woops, I meant to say Kyle over Lane... Lane's the hotter one! (there I go getting them mixed up again)

Eric said...

How could people choose Lane over Kyle? Lol, are you kidding me?

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

i may have messed up when i first posted. the two pictures of lane that i first had up were not very flattering, so people may have based their opinions from those pictures. however, since i updated with the current pictures you see now, lane's votes has gone up considerably

Joe in the OC said...

Oh C'mon! The Carlson Twins are unbeatable in hottness!!!

No set of twins, not even the Brewers (and they're damn close) can match the Carlson Twins in Hotness. Now if you could just clean up their Minnesota accents, Damn...buzz kill.