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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My boyfriend Tyler Wood

If there were an award for BEST DNA COVER EVER, my boyfriend would get it. No contest!

Everybody loves Tyler's long-haired trademark.
This combed look takes some getting used to, but I still love Tyler.

Let's take a moment to acknowledge just how beautiful his arms are!

My boyfriend is shirtless again! Yipee!

Tyler sure loves the beach!

Just. Plain. Gorgeous.

Again, thanks tuespr. I am forever in debt for introducing me to my boyfriend.


RONNE said...

Your right, Tyler Wood, is fantastic. He's that and much more. You lucky Guy. What I wouldn't give to be in your position. Tyler is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Tyler is a stunner, with good looks, charm, athleticisms, masculine nature and photogenic.

What else should we remember about him in years to come?

You did him a tremendous service by posting all of those photos of his professional career as a model. It is a great picture story. I for one bought a lot of Suavagae swimwear from his modeling: I am also a swimmer so it was an excellent choice.

sam said...

were on earth can i find a man like him?
please contact me