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Monday, December 31, 2007

Looking Forward 2008

What could you expect to see more of next year? Well for one, I kinda like this alphabet thing, so I'll be doing lots of that...


Bouska, Adam photographer
Jimmy Heck, model

David Fumero and brother

Dominated Men

Ethnic Variety


Gay Fiction: Visit http://www.agaysex.com/ if you're into erotic reading.

Hedquist, Julien.

Imitation of my five favorite blogs:
Just Beautiful Men, Hans is Great, Male and Beautiful, Tottyland, Daily Slab

Jake Campione




Nick Auger
Coming very very very soon!



Quality Pics

Model Tyler Wood.

Recycled Material
Who is he? I need to know!



Former Trinity quarterback, Brian Brohm.

Valentine Special

Photo illustration by Rene Flores, copyright 2007, used with permission. From Jerky Pants.


XX pics
very explicit 'softcore' sexual poses

Yves Carradine

Zany Poses


Anonymous said...

excellent year end review

The Slabber said...

Many thanks for the shout out! You're great.

Philip said...

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...After watching the Bravo TV series on how to become a Super Model, the Host makes it very clear what kind of efforts and talents, work and creativities each of the candidates had to have to be a success.

I was wondering if you and Hans have been in communications recently. He likes to post literature for us to read on various subject matters, so we can learn some thing else. I was wondering if he had any suggestions for what is, "The definition of a Man?"in book form.

I like your pictorial versions and it has me motivated to once again play sports and become more athletic. I took the Winter off from such activities and have become a bit lazy and yes a bit of a weight gain. I think that we human males are hard wired to want to work are bodies and engage in athletic activities, because it makes us feel and look good. Will I get ripped abs and bulging muscles like the elite men you have pictures of? Perhaps not, because I am not a gym rat or care to devote the hours every day, hire a trainer and nutrionalist and have a squeaky clean diet to achieve that cut look again.

Thanks for the motivational communications of what it means to be a Man.