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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hot Magazines!

Never have I picked up any of these magazines, flipped through them, or had any intention to buy. Mostly because I'm still closeted in real life. But also because I don't know if there are that many interesting articles between the covers. Nonetheless, I'm gonna judge these magazines by their covers...or more precisely, by their cover models.

But first, I'll start off with a guy who deserves a small section for himself...
Tyler Lough
God! I love those pretty blue eyes.

More GENRE...
This magazine should get the award for BEST SELECTION of HOT MEN

Aitor Mateo *updated 8/21/08*. Micky Friedmann.

Aussie Mag DNA also has a high standard of hot guys.
But it's the background that I especially love about these covers!

I've looked at a couple of other issues.
Sometimes they show shirtless guys, but rarely as hot as him!

Thanks tuespr for this of Steve Smith.
The magazine seems geared towards an older generation of men,
but still quite hot.

Gaytimes. I'm guessin', you'll have a fun ol' gay time readin' it.

Which Issue isn't a NAKED ISSUE?

The more fashion forward mag DNR. Cover model Clay Womack.

I've posted similar photos in the Studs & Steeds section,
but here's a bigger version of Chad White in Out.

If you want to bulk up...
Matthew Born (These guys could be your trainer) James Ellis

Back in primary school, I often went with my mom to the supermarket, and on the rack near the entrace of the store, they always had this magazine. Walking by, I always get excited to steal glances at the covers, and I think it's the first time I learned of my attraction to men.
Readers of Men's Health magazine made a great choice:
Chris Whitlow as Cover Model of the Year

The mag has been featuring a lot of actors lately. Not that I'm complaining.
Jason Statham. Ryan Reynolds.

Perhaps, the Healthiest Man of All...

Totally love the drenched shirt.


Anonymous said...

The guy next to Vincent Gough is Levi Poulter.

Kenneth Johnson aka Sebastien Penn said...

Hey, thanks!

mkbmn said...

Brett is so amazing... He conveys so many subtle variations on the cncept of smiling, from beaming to enigmatic to smirk, to teasing. I love the last one, but my favorite is the blacka dn white Russian one with the word "CEKC" (!!!) to the left... Yup that word prolly says it all!!!

Eric said...

Wow, how hot is Tyler Lough...

Lol, that's the definition of male beauty. Clay Womack too, insane abs. Those magazine photographers have hands down *the* best jobs.

jahh said...

Great collection!!!



swissboy said...

I love Tetu magazine from France. I buy it every month. An other good gay mag from France is PREF. Very cool. There is also Zero from Spain that is good. Yes, I do read a lot of mags and hang with lots of fags. Not a bad life.